Tuesday 21, Aug 2018 |

How I became an Influencer

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It all started in my search of a hobby, a creative outlets place for brain release, and that’s how I created my Instagram account.

At first I was posting daily beautiful finds, lifestyle photos, clothing,nature. Then I discovered people would create small friendship groups and sustain each other in what they were doing,so I started posting more about beauty products, since that what women were more interested in. Soon after I discover the new hashtag #greenbeauty that completely changed my whole life, and I finally understood how misled we are by companies and marketing. I snapped out of the zombie life I was living, and started tossing all the plastic from my house (as much as possible,I had to keep the tv and other major appliances), but when I’m purchasing something new,I make sure I get the plastic free option.

After I tried to make my house as non-toxic as possible,I started learning how to read  ingredients on each product that I’m buying, for me and my household, from beauty products to cleaning supplies (there are chemicals lurking all the time, even when the product it states is made with all natural ingredients). Big brands or small brands,I always keep an eye on the ingredients!

So I was posting beautiful photos from my new green beauty discoveries, and suddenly brands wanted to send me products to try them out and talk/post photos about them.

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Even though I had a small following at that time, the eye-catching photos were the attraction, and suddenly people started paying attention. Is not easy being objective, but I only post what product I like/or love,and sometimes brands don’t like it when I let them know I dislike a certain product.


I started reading books, like Influencer Marketing by Joe Sinkwitz and watch so many videos, and even though I had a small growth, I was still climbing at a slow pace.

This particular book is for brands looking for influencers, and also influencers looking to work with brands. I’ve learned different ways to help with platforms growth, how to optimize my influence, what to post and when, and also the art of negotiation. I had no idea that is still ok to negotiate in this field.

The book has very current steps for the new wave of influencers, and it’s pointing exactly what  works and why,in very detail. I definitely learned a few tricks and i started to apply them myself.


So after learning the “bussiness” and doing 2 years of  what I love, my little hobby turned into small earning opportunity tool, so another small door opened.

These days so many people think they can turn into influencers, but seriously, is not easy. Creating something and post daily could feel like a chore if your not passionate about it,and also, most of the time, there’s no reward for it.

So if your deciding you want to turn into one, you have to keep an open mind, and do what you do with passion, and don’t really expect much in return. I always believed, one day the stars will align, no matter what your goal.