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#GoPink4Pinkcess Breast Cancer Awareness Movement


What we’re looking for

Someone who wants to leverage their online influence to make a difference. To breathe life into a perhaps small but meaningful online movement, spreading love & support to breast cancer fighters and encouraging a positive attitude to battling a deadly disease. One who isn't afraid to rock some pink hue into their outfit from time to time and proudly stand with us to build greater social awareness for breast cancer. Breast cancer is real, is unforgiving. A positive attitude is needed to combat this disease and our action matters. A random act of kindness may brighten up someone’s soul, you never know. Show Up, Go Pink, Inspire Change. That's the instagrammers we wish to work with.

Product details

It's not really a "product" we want to promote, it's a social do-good movement that we hope to promote and rally your active support. In honor of the upcoming National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PINKCESS is dedicating a social awareness campaign to show our support for breast cancer fighters across the world. During the whole month of October, anyone who wears any Pink color clothing and post a selfie with the hashtag #GoPink4Pinkcess on Instagram, we will give them a free thank-you gift, valued up to USD $35. Two products will be offered up for eligible entrants to choose from. The product displayed here is one of them, a print-on-demand winter leggings. The alternative product will be announced when the campaign goes live. All our products are designed by independent artists across the world, and every apparel can be custom printed.

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-a few simple encouraging words within the post to support breast cancer fighters/survivors would be a lovely gesture -help us make it trend on Instagram, encourage followers to post selfies with this #GoPink4Pinkcess hashtag to raise awareness for a good cause