Kraft bags

Kraft Bags for the DIYer and Small Shop owner

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DIY, Small Store owners, Etsey, krafters, jewelry makers, artists, gift wrappers, gift designers, designers, calligraphers,

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Durable Kraft Paper Shopping Bags: Great for events, retail stores, gift bags, or as food service take out bags. Customize your kraft paper bags with stickers, markers or stamps to create your own branded shopping bag. Both natural brown kraft color, or white bleached kraft. Two sizes in each color - 8x4x10" and 16x6x12".

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Offered by Kraft Bags for the DIYer and Small Shop owner
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We are trying to gain more followers and build our social media and customer base, looking for anyone willing to rate our products like our kraft bags. These bags are great for special occasions and gifting, personalization, retail owners, etsy shop owners, party favors, crafters and a ton of other ideas. They are also eco-friendly and can be reused and recycled, which we definitely encourage at PL Retail.