Aliens in stuff in space pre promo shot

Limited Edition Silk Screened T shirt "Aliens in Space and Stuff"


What we’re looking for

I would like to work with an instagrammer who has enough clout to pull a decent amount of traffic to my website to buy my T shirt (along with maybe some of my originals on the site too). They should be into cool indie t shirts, fashion, art, independent music types, science people or conspiracy theories based on aliens or space. Space nerds, into astronomy, or art lovers who like pen and ink work.

Product details

Selling a limited edition silk screened T shirt. Black ink on a white shirt. The T shirt is from one of my pen and ink drawings, "Aliens in Space and Stuff". See drawing for the theme and quality.

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Offered by Limited Edition Silk Screened T shirt "Aliens in Space and Stuff"
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If you have any advice on promoting T shirts, I would love to hear it. This is my first run. Also if you have any additional hashtags or would delete some I have let me know. I am mostly try to get people to my website and to sell my shirts so I will most likely offer a coupon to buy the shirt with your post. Getting followers is also a plus as well.