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I'm looking for a person whose audience is young artists and dreamers, probably teenagers or 20-somethings who hate modern music trends and tend to like songs of the past (especially the 60s') like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel etc. Also, I'm interested in those influencers whose followers are geeky and inroverted, since along with the song I'm willing to promote a beta version of my own social network for introverts.

Product details

I'd like to promote my next single release. It's gonna be very soft music of a style I call Tactile – a blend of bossa-nova and indie-folk with a very gentle sound. It'll be more interesting and unique than the example of my previous work attached.

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I would love to make a long-term collaboration with people having a similar vibe since I've got a lot of things to promote in the future.