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New Book, What About The Dog?

Good Karma Pet Services, LLC

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I need someone who “gets it” with how important our dogs are and how important preplanning is for them; I need someone enthusiastic and energetic. I need someone who can speak on this book and topic both emotionally AND logically. Be a dog LOVER!

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What About The Dog? Everything You Need to Know About My Dog’s Care (In Case I’m Not Around to Ask!) is part fill-in journal, part helpful guidebook that assists dog lovers in preplanning and outlining their dog’s care, should another caregiver ever need to step in (temporarily or permanently.)

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This is very much a grassroots movement to keep more dogs OUT of animal shelters by starting a crucial conversation and giving thought to their dog’s future care. “The animal shelters are filled with assumptions...” This movement is catching on with rescue organizations and animal shelters!